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Our RPA concept is based on rich experience with automated application control, which we have been working on since 2003 on a professional level. Over this period, we automated processes across hundreds of applications and encountered potentially all types of applications that one can imagine.

We can safely lead our clients through RPA integration – from the assignment of the first process to the production run of all their automated processes. We can advise on choosing the right processes, assessing the return on investment in their robotization, and on designing the overall RPA concept in specific company conditions. Individual stories are described in our Case Studies.

We have converted our experience into our product UltimateRPA, which we also use ourselves. Thanks to the collaboration of our executive team with the development team, UltimateRPA is built on our ‘Best Practices’. For RPA professionals, it provides an effective tool for robotic process automation.

Our team

The team that develops and implements UltimateRPA is made up of RPA professionals who have long-term expertise in process automation and rich practical experience.

In addition to our professional capabilities, our clients also appreciate the proactive and personal approach of all our team members.

Robert Šamánek

My original profession is a programmer. With previous experience in various managerial positions, today I am in a close contact with client representatives who are in charge of a variety of processes, especially in the Back Office. With UltimateRPA, we bring them a simple, flexible, and technically-oriented tool. Thanks to my original profession, I know that if a client has people on their side who can make the best of their qualities, they are receiving a sort of ‘Swiss knife’ of robotization. And from a managerial point of view, it is about the right approach to using this tool in the context of the whole company. We recommend the robotization process to take place gradually, not instantly and at once throughout the entire company. With returns in a matter of months, which we guarantee, the automation should become a part of everyday management hygiene. It is necessary to evaluate whether a particular robotic process is suitable (there are simple procedures to find out) and to gradually automate processes across the company. With our UltimateRPA, you shall be rewarded in a very short time.

Our team helps clients to increase the productivity of their processes significantly. During a short implementation procedure, we are robotizing administrative activities that up until then had been performed by a skilled workforce. This workforce can now concentrate on the essence of their work and fully use their skills to perform activities with higher added value.

About StringData

We are a Czech company whose objective is to cultivate IT business with the help of its employees, products and services. We build on a long-term cooperation backed up by the values: integrity, transparency, and honesty, while each of us is personally engaged. We have been operating on the market for over 20 years and we are a strategic partner for a number of banks, and non-financial institutions. More information at www.StringData.cz.

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