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Credit management at Wüstenrot Mortgage Bank

Implementation of UltimateRPA at Wüstenrot Mortgage Bank, plc led to a jump-increase in the efficiency of the processing of extraordinary repayments and paid mortgages.

Deploying UltimateRPA has helped in particular to reduce the error rate and significantly accelerate the processing of extraordinary repayments of mortgages.

The processes selected for the pilot project deepened Wüstenrot’s confidence in robotizing administrative processes. The project evaluation clearly showed the benefits of FTE savings as well as other robot deployment options.

Car Insurance at ALD Automotive

ALD Automotive is the leading provider in operating leases for personal and utility automobiles on the Czech market. UltimateRPA has enabled the full automation of the process of checking the validity of car insurance for the company’s clients. The robotic process of checking the validity of insurance reduces the risks of both the company and the client in the event of damage to the vehicle and, above all, damage caused by vehicle liability, which, in the case of invalid insurance, would not be paid by the insurance company.

Deploying the automated process significantly reduced the error rate and the cost of control compared with the original manual process. The whole process has also been significantly accelerated.

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