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UltimateRPA Changelog

4.5.0 05.10.2018

  • Python library update: Python libraries have been updated (Python 2.7 -> Python 3.7).
  • Methods from the urpa package support keyword arguments:
  • Microsoft Excel support extension: It is now possible to save a workbook save, save_as, add a worksheet add_worksheet, or close an entire workbook close.
  • Option of selecting only active elements in an application: In inspector, in the AppElement tab it is now possible to filter elements in the tree depending on whether they are available (whether they respond to a mouse click) or not by using the Enabled attribute.
  • The method parent has been added to the class AppElement. This method can be used to look up, in a tree, the element that is its parent.
  • In application searches via find_first_app, it is now possible to use a regular expression in the application name.
  • Pattern preview during transformation: The visual transformations dialogue box now includes a preview of the part of the application where the selected transformations are applied.
  • Continuous position update: The AbsPos and FromAppEle values are continuously updated in inspector as the mouse moves over the screen, not after it has been clicked.