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What does robotic process automation (RPA) mean?

Robotization is a replacement of human force by a robot. In the case of RPA it means that human work with computer applications is replaced by a software robot for chosen tasks. Learn more at: https://www.ultimaterpa.com/getting-started-with-rpa/

Is it necessary to change current systems?

One of the basic advantages of robotization is the possibility of its implementation without the necessary integration of current systems with a robot or the current systems among themselves. It is not necessary to change the applications for robotic process automation. The robot works with the applications in the graphical user interface (GUI) in a similar way as humans do.

How long does it take for the robot to master the processes?

The time depends on the complexity and length of the processes as well as on the quality of their description. The implementation usually takes several weeks with well described processes.

Can I make it work myself?

Yes, the whole packet of UltimateRPA tools is delivered to be managed by common IT users.  UltimateRPA tools and the license can be obtained on the client’s portal https://client.ultimaterpa.com/registration. Tutorials which will guide you through the first steps of RPA are a part of the UltimateRPA.

Is the programming knowledge necessary to manage the robot?

For the robot configuration we use Python language, which is easy to learn. The Inspector application, which prepares the necessary parts of the code for the robot, will help you with the configuration.

How to obtain, install and start UltimateRPA?

Firstly, register to obtain the access to the client’s portal (https://client.ultimaterpa.com/registration). After that download the tools in the Downloads section and expand them to your hard disk. For a license key go to the Licenses section in the client’s portal, click on the “Get a free license for a non- commercial use” and copy the key to your clipboard. Start the Inspector.exe tool and enter the key. Like this the license will be registered. For an easier beginning, start the application TutorialLauncher.exe, which will guide you through the tutorials.

What does the Robot need to work?

The robot itself has no demands on the sources, the only criterion are the demands of the robotized applications for the defined scenarios. The same software and hardware otherwise used by a human for this process is necessary here. The robot can operate on Windows7 and higher, on the physical and virtual stations.

How to choose processes for the robotic automation?

While choosing the processes for automation there are several aspects to consider.

Firstly, it is necessary to consider whether the process is so time consuming that it is worth the automation. The exception can be the processes whose goal after the robotization is the elimination of human factor errors or the acceleration of the process.

The process itself must be algorithmizable. It must be possible to be described in such a detail that it follows this exact description through the process realization. Not only individual steps but also the conditions under which the robot decides on how to proceed must be defined in detail.

Processes suitable for the robotic automation have the inputs electronically structured (e.g. by filtering data in different application, XLS reports, exports in the form of CSV/ XML or by data searching in databases). It is vital to match the values to the types of values unambiguously, e.g. with the value “23” it must be clear that it is the amount not a part of an address.

Learn more at: https://www.ultimaterpa.com/getting-started-with-rpa/

Is the robotization secure, what data does the robot collect?

The implementation of robotization runs according to the strictly documented process, the robot does not do anything which has not been defined in the task. Partial data are usually saved at the local depository of the computer from which the process is run unless demanded otherwise. No data from the process are transmitted outside the computer where the robotization is realized.

How does the robot proceed when an unexpected situation occurs?

The robot runs on the basis of a predefined scenario and it continuously monitors the state of the serviced application. If any of them happens to be in an unexpected situation, e.g. there appears a content of a dialogue box which is different from the defined process, the robot saves a screenshot of the monitor, stops processing the current entry, presents it to a manual processing done by an employee and continues with processing of the next entry.

What are the types of licences and how much are they?

The licence is linked to the number of end devices for one year. There are two types of licences – commercial and non–commercial. There is almost no difference between the two types, with the exception that the non-commercial one is meant only for the trial use of the product and with every start of the tools these are verified against our server.

One end station can usually deal with more than ten robotic processes which can be covered by one license of the UltimateRPA tools (it depends on the processes length, how frequently it is started, and on the number of processed entries).

More about licencing and prices learn at: https://www.ultimaterpa.com/licensing-and-prices/

Which applications can be controlled by UltimateRPA?

UltimateRPA uses the whole range of methods of how to work with applications. This fact enables the control of the applications based on different technologies from terminals to web applications. Learn more at: https://www.ultimaterpa.com/ultimaterpa/


What support does StringData (UltimateRPA) offers?

For all the users there is a complete product documentation prepared, as well as testing applications and tutorials to ensure the smooth start with our tools. We answer the questions in English and in Czech on info@ultimaterpa.com.

We can also offer you the individual service contract which ensures your company with the extra support according to your individual needs, including the training and guaranteed response time.

Robotic automation is also possible to be offered as a “Managed Service” – the realization without the necessary training of your employees.

Will you train our employees for the UltimateRPA service?

For our products we offer an individual proposal of training scope according to your individual needs.

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