The HR-bot is a new solution for the 21st-century HR department. With their hands no longer tied, HR staff will be able to focus on activities increasing the satisfaction of company employees.

HR’s daunting position

HR teams face two challenges: they need to seek out more efficient means of recruitment while retaining existing staff. When it comes to staff retention, HR departments must address employee culture, developing this area so that staff are happy where they are and have no thoughts about looking for job opportunities elsewhere. In this respect, HR is one of those factors critical to a company’s future strategic advancement.

On top of these challenges, an HR department shoulders a heavy administrative burden. Recruitment, employee records, contract and guideline updates, compulsory training in areas such as occupational safety and health, and new rules, including the GDPR, place a great strain on HR. Increasing numbers of people are required to do this work and yet, aside from the fact that they are hard to find, a company will tend to shirk from channelling extra investment into HR. This is because human resources management is a cost item that, while essential, does not directly generate any profit for a company.

On the other hand, if businesses look after their staff, develop their talent and encourage teams to bond, employees are generally happier than in places that ignore this area. Nevertheless, this level of care places major demands on the HR department itself and takes up a lot of hours. The question, then, is where to find this precious time.

Tested on ourselves

At StringData, we have come up with a solution that we have tested thoroughly on ourselves. We are a medium-sized IT outfit and one of our teams offers customers robotic process automation (RPA) software. These colleagues had an idea about how to free up HR officers. They pinpointed the most frequent activities carried out by HR staff and devised a software robot specifically for them. This robot, or HR-bot as we call it, will streamline the process of process of seeking out suitable candidates for positions that need to be filled.

We have formed a symbiotic element where robot and human work together. The robot will take on the admin work that yields no added value and prepare outputs for humans, who then take over and communicate directly with the candidates. With this solution, the HR team will extract experienced candidates for the company much more quickly, and at the same time will have more time to focus on existing employees and their needs and development.

We are driven to go even further

Having put the HR-bot through all its paces in our own business environment, we already know that we are going to build on its basic functions. It has shown us other opportunities to make admin more efficient, so we will be expanding its features in the future. These will then be passed on to the customers who purchase our HR-bot. Over time, it will deliver greater added value to HR specialists and enable them to concentrate more on communicating with management and individual employees as, compared to a robot, they are good listeners and information sharers, and are on the pulse when it comes to sensing employees’ frame of mind, concerns and opportunities.

HR-bot – cheap and easy

It is easy to deploy an HR-bot, even in your company. This is a stand-alone solution that will work anywhere without requiring complex implementation. Simply install it and start reaping the benefits. For more information, get in touch using our contact form and we will reach out to you to discuss how to proceed.