Deployment of a robot in the office environment does not place great demands on companies. Many of them cope with it on their own, sometimes an experienced contractor can help.

Deployment of so-called process software automation in the office environment is a surprisingly simple matter for a company. It does not place any special requirements on employees, software or hardware, and many companies are able to implement this solution on their own. Expert engagement, of course, will allow companies to make the most of the tool.

Robotic automation works for a person

“The software robot works with applications just like a person using their user environment,” Zdeněk Galia from StringData explains the robot work principle. According to him, the robot does not have any special requirements for the hardware or operating system used.

Professional assistance

Many companies can perform the implementation of Software Process Automation (RPA) on their own. For example, the UltimateRPA toolkit package from StringData is delivered so that it can be run by common IT users. Just obtain a license and start automation. However, there is one condition: the robot configuration is performed in Python, and it is necessary to adopt it.

However, it is not necessary to recruit new employees or to train existing ones. Configuration of the robot will be assisted by the contractor’s experts. In addition, they can employ more advanced tools. For example, the User Process Analyzer by which StringData will evaluate existing activities and recommend the most suitable ones for automation.

Saving time and money

After analysis, our experts will design a specific optimization solution and then help with the creation of the robot task. According to that, the robot will work. “It works in the same way as when a company recruits a temporary worker whose task is to perform certain activities according to instructions,” Galia suggests how to initially “train” the robot. Then, it merely suffices to provide it with user access to the applications concerned and to debug the robot.

And that’s all, the robot can start saving time and money.