“I seek out suitable candidates through the LinkedIn!”

HR Bot

HR Bot is designed for HR specialists as they seek out and approach suitable candidates via the LinkedIn professional networking service. The robot acts in the same way as a human as it:

  • logs in to LinkedIn (on behalf of its owner)
  • seeks out candidates according to the keywords entered
  • sends each candidate a personalised message containing information on the position being offered

the replies are then collected by an HR specialist, who subsequently gets in touch only with those candidates who meet the criteria and have expressed an interest in the position on offer.

HR Bot is designed to free up HR specialists so that they are not bogged down by admin work. While the robot actively seeks out and approaches suitable candidates, HR specialists can get on with activities that deliver greater value added.

The entire process of addressing candidates is automated. HR specialists simply provide the robot with the name of the position that is to be searched for, the text to be used in addressing candidates, and the number of candidates that need to be addressed. The robot then seeks out and approaches candidates on its own.

At the end of the process, a detailed report is drawn up with a list of the candidates that have been approached.

A 21st-century solution for HR specialists

  • A simple and highly efficient way of seeking out and approaching suitable candidates
  • HR specialists have more time to work directly with employees and specific candidates
  • More candidates fitting the bill can be prepared without the associated admin

Do you want to try a HR Bot in your business?

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