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UltimateRPA is a tool for efficient automation of business processes. The system uses software robots that work with existing systems in your company in the same way as people do, just faster and without errors. The robot controls applications according to a predefined process.

Process robotization is achievable within weeks and does not require changes in information systems and their integration. The robot, like a human, can work with systems based on different technologies and manage processes across different applications. The product is also suitable for automating very complex processes that contain complex logical branches.


The tools allow you to automate processes in your company regardless of the application technology that needs to be operated when performing the process. Typically, these are the following technologies: desktop applications, java applications, web applications and browsers, SAP clients, terminals, VMware, Citrix (This list does not include all the technologies with which UltimateRPA can work with.)


Performing the process

Robot performs a predefined workflow. It operates the systems in the same way as humans and has a detailed overview of them. Robot is perfectly oriented in the applications, it fills in, duplicates, transcribes data, all under its dedicated access account. All Robot activity is recorded in detail, so it is always evident what Robot did.

Creating a Workflow for Robot

Based on the description of the process, a robot workflow is created. The ‘Inspector’ tool helps you create and debug these workflows. Its primary function is to determine the current state of the graphic user interface (GUI) of the application.

The Inspector can identify the individual objects Robot will work with in the GUI application, enabling it to build a workflow quickly and efficiently, regardless of the technology used by the application. Configuration of Robot happens in Python.

Planning and Running Tasks

Scheduler is a planning tool that runs Robots at different times and periods set by the user. Scheduler can run Robots individually or in queues, and it takes into account working days and holidays when running them. Processes can be automated to run, for example, the last day of the week or the third working day of the month. The Scheduler also allows you to schedule Robots to run at the time when the application is off-peak.

Robotic processes overview

Utilizing UltimateRPA Management Console you will get an instant and consolidated overview of processes that are being performed by robots. Robot updates the data entry to a folder that is being monitored by Scheduler, which handover the information (such as source, value, status, description, validity, etc.) to UltimateRPA Console.

Console then allows monitoring and reviewing current status and history of measured values, with no need for further configuration. Measurement results are tree-structed and thus easy to read. Console automatically sends notification in case defined condition occur (e.g. incomplete task).

UltimateRPA Management Console is a standalone component that increase management efficiency while operating higher number of robotic processes. The Console requires own licence for its use.

Integrating with other systems

UltimateRPA delivers exceptional flexibility in integration with other systems. It uses technology that allows Robot to draw inputs not only from applications it operates (export, generated report, filter according to certain criteria), but also from web services or from databases.

In the application, Robot performs user steps according to the workflow, and the outputs of the automated process are passed to another system in the form of a user input by Robot or through the data interface (API, web service, application, integration interface).

Another option is a direct connection to the integration interface in the enterprise architecture.

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