• UltimateUPA


    “Hard data for your process optimization”


UltimateUPA provides guidelines for process optimization based on hard data gathered from the monitoring of users’ activities at their workstations

Gain high-quality inputs
for your organization‘s
data-backed decision making

Processing of data from users’
workstations using advanced
analytics tools with minimum
input from your side

Non-invasive data gathering
from users‘ workstations
without the need to integrate
with your applications

UltimateUPA is capable of providing answers to most questions needed for good-quality managerial decisions in process optimization

  • How do users perform their tasks?
  • Are there any routine processes suitable for Robotic Process Automation?
  • What activities do the team actually perform?
  • Were any critical parts of the process omitted?
  • Did the optimization increase efficiency?
  • Did the optimization bring the expected benefits?
  • How much time during the day do users spend waiting for the system to respond?
  • Which part of the process takes the most time?
  • What is the actual time needed to complete the process?
  • How much time during the day do users spend on productive activities?
  • How much time does it take to execute clients’ requests throughout the entire organization?
  • What are the KPI’s – and are those within SLA?
  • How many tasks does the user complete during a specific time period?
  • In what stage are the business transactions?
  • Which part of the application takes the longest time to respond?

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